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To my website! Feel free to click around and explore. But be careful, some pages have a lot of gifs and images, so they might take long to load or you might have to refresh

Enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting!


17/02 // I made a NEW BUTTON FOR MY SITE!! now it's pink

03/02 // updated a bit the "home" page while procrastinating studying for my exam lol

22/01 // NO WAY IT'S 2024 ALREADY!!!! This site is now a year old, time sure flies. I have some fun ideas in my head for this site :O

24/12 // FINALLY HOLIDAYS!! now that I have free time I want to update and add some more pages to my site.

27/11 // planning on making a "journal" or like a blog where I just write stuff about my daily life

30/10 // long time no see!! had this on my desktop for some time now. i'll be redesigning some other pages soon :O by december i'll have more free time so maybe i'll upload them by that time

02/08 // redesigning the "home" (jeez i'll try to keep the "updates" up to date lol)

17/07 // redesigning the "home"

My virtual pets

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to do list

  • make "things I like" page
  • make "my art" page
  • make "dreams" page
  • update "journal"
  • update "about me"

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