I like photography but I'm sooo new in this. I got my first camera back in 2022 because I had a photography class in university, so I took the oportunity since I always wanted one (my grandama gave it to me as a gift). I got the Canon EOS Rebel T100 (I know it's not the best but it's a good one for starters). Then I asked my parents if I could have the old family cameras, since they weren't going to use them anymore. So I also got the old Kodak digital camera and a 35mm film Olympus camera (sadly I can't find where to get 35mm film where I live, let alone where to get the photos printed :-( ). But I would love to expand my colection and get more old cameras.

Here are some of my fav pic I took (I'll try to update regularly).

Canon EOS Rebel T100

Kodak EasyShare C160

Olympus Accura Zoom Xb 70

No photographs yet, unfortunately :(