My name is Cam and I'm 22 years old argentinian girl who likes to spend her free time learning various things, like coding for example. I really like tiny shiny things and cats. I also like collecting mugs and stickers. I can't contain myself whenever I'm at a bazar or a stationary store.

Things I like

Music Arca, Machine girl, Sewerslvt, Deftones, BMTH, The Amitty Affliction, A lot of vocaloid songs, Lady Gaga, Dance Gavin Dance, PinkPantheress, IDKHOW, Daft Punk, Roosevelt, Of Mice and Men, Gorillaz, Team Mekano, Aphex Twin, Scythelord, Get Scared and many more niche artist that I only like one of their songs.

here's my spotify if u want

Movies/TV Series BBC Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Coraline, Ratatouille, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

My anime list for anime and mangas

Hoobies Drawing and painting, Crochet, Making jewllery, Scrapbooking, Cooking and baking(?), Photography
Videogames Disco Elysium, RGG Studio games in general but my fav is Yakuza 0, Sonic 1,2, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Mania, Project Diva Future Tone, TF2, Hypnospace Outlaw, Stardew Valley, Alice Madness Return, Portal, OFF RPG, Hitman, Mortal Kombat, MDK 2, PaRappa the Raper, UmJammer Lammy, Resident Evil, Hotline Miami, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Street of Rage, Hylics, Yume Nikki, Cry of fear, FNAF

some tests I took

Your immortal lover would be...


The sea is vast and deep, both enticing and unwelcoming. You tend to be attracted to people who seem larger than life itself, great people who are vast and mysterious, like the sea.

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1001For 60% you are: You're a Deredere.

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For 30% you are: You're a Yandere.

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For 10% you are: You're a Kuudere.

You're brutally honest, cynical, and even seen as somewhat emotionless. You're cold to people. When you're crushing on someone, you don't know how to handle it. Your crush sees you as a mystery - somewhat rude and strange. But when your dere side opens up, you prove to truly have emotions, and you're not all that cynical. Profile C

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I'm a Wind Spiriti

Which tarot card are you?

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