Pink Skull Crossbones

About me, aka the idiot behind this website!

My name is Cam and...there's not much to say about me, describing myself is always a bit difficult tbh.

Some info abt me.
*21 y/o
*INFP 4w5
*I LOVE tiny shiny things
*I LOVE cats (i have two cats rn lola and ema, they're sisters and i love them so so so much)
*I don't know if i can call it a "collection" but i have A LOT of stickers, i don't want to use them bc they're pretty lol

My current interest
Music Arca (<3)
Machine Girl
BMTH (That's the Spirit <3)
The Amitty Affliction
Blank Banshee
A lot of vocaloid songs
Dance Gavin Dance
Lady Gaga
Kim Petras
Daft Punk (Discovery <3)
Of Mice and Men
Childish Gambino
Team Mekano
Aphex Twin
Ethel Cain
Death Grips
Broken by the Scream
Scythelord (love u funny joel)
Get Scared (Build for blame tkm)
Men I Trust
The Cure
Purity Ring
TOP (Vessel and Regional at Best)
here's my spotify if u want
Movies/TV Series BBC Hannibal
Breaking Bad
My anime list for anime and mangas
Hoobies Drawing and painting; Crochet; Making jewllery
Scrapbooking; Cooking and baking(?); Photography
Videogames Disco Elysium
RGG Studio games in general but my favs are
Yakuza 0, YLAD, Ishin and Lost Judgement
Sonic 1,2, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Heroes,
Sonic Mania
Project Diva Future Tone
Hypnospace Outlaw
Stardew Valley
Alice Madness Return
Portal 2
The Witcher III
Hitman (the whole franchise but I like Blood Money,
Contracts and 1,2 and remastered more)
Mortal Kombat 2 for the Genesis
PaRappa the Raper 1 and 2
UmJammer Lammy
Resident Evil 4, Village and RE 2 and 3 remake
Hotline Miami
Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Street of Rage
Books Joyland by Stephen King
Cell by Stephen King
El amor, las mujeres y la vida de Mario benedetti
Las puertas de lo invisible de Daniel Chiron
Brida by Paulo Cohelo
The alchemist by Paulo Cohelo
Nudities by Giorgio Agamben
The Boy On The Wooden Box by Leon Leyson
Artists Saul Leiter; Nara Yoshimoto; Peter Draws;
Adam Duff; Charlotte Perriand; Man Ray
Hiromix (Toshikawa Hiromi); Vivian Maier
Streamers/Youtubers Vargskelethor Joel, Vincesauce Vinny, Jerma985
Markiplier, Mina Le, Jordan Theresa, Khonjin
Blameitonjorge, Nexpo

my Men

my imvu doll (click it to make your own!)

some tests I took

Your immortal lover would be...


The sea is vast and deep, both enticing and unwelcoming. You tend to be attracted to people who seem larger than life itself, great people who are vast and mysterious, like the sea.

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Your Lip Gloss Flavor Is: Cotton Candy

You're a total girly girl who's every guy is sweet on.

You take pleasure in the simple things in life, from cute t-shirts to stuffed animals.

Any guy needs to match your romantic idealism to win your heart, which is why few have.

No wonder Cotton Candy is your signature flavor. It's delicious, sugary, and fun - like you!

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Certificate: Test results
Which Type Of Dere Am I? 💬

1001For 60% you are: You're a Deredere.

You're the "normal" type when it comes to love. You don't necessarily hide your feelings, but like many other people, you're shy when it comes to speaking about them. You're friendly to others, and try your best to be nice to everyone. Your crush is really important to you, and you want them to think the best of you. When you are in a relationship, you tend to show a lot of love to the other person.
48% of 148188 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: You're a Yandere.

You love your crush dearly, and they're very important to you. You're seemingly normal when it comes to having a crush, but when someone gets in your way - especially someone who likes the person you like - you can get extremely violent, even threatening to kill. You're loyal, strong and protective. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 10% you are: You're a Kuudere.

You're brutally honest, cynical, and even seen as somewhat emotionless. You're cold to people. When you're crushing on someone, you don't know how to handle it. Your crush sees you as a mystery - somewhat rude and strange. But when your dere side opens up, you prove to truly have emotions, and you're not all that cynical. Profile C

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I'm a Wind Spiriti

Which tarot card are you?

You are 52% girly!

You know you have it in you! Go buy yourself some new shoes and bring out that inner girly girl!! Remember, pink will bring out any girls eyes!

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